Monday, October 25, 2010

Living Room- Tones

I've been looking at Rate My Space on HGTV's website the past few days (all photos taken from this website). I've compiled some pictures of living rooms that I enjoy. These photos speak to me because of the colors & patterns of accessories (but not necessarily the style or type), usually a neutral furniture, dark wood tones, and neutral walls. I'm not afraid of using color, except I do see the practicality of using neutrals on large pieces of furniture. And, despite calling attention to dust, I am drawn to dark wood tones. So, don't pay much attention to layout or furniture style of these as I was paying most attention to the colors.
Exposed brick wall, drum shade/chandelier

Darker, yet still neutral, accent wall - it almost looks like a linen texture to me, which I LOVE!

Shape/color of the couch and dark wood floors. There's almost not enouch punch of color in this room to me, especially with the lighter walls

Although they're hard to see in this picture, I liked this room because of the accent chairs and the rug

Love the built-ins, RUG!, and the accent chairs

Love the rug, accent pillows, and shape of the lampshades. But, this room is almost too light and airy for me, especially with the (cringe) glass top table.
Side note: I don't hate on those who have metal glass top tables, but it's just not my preference

I LOVE the patterned drapes that contrast against the neutral wall

I really like the shape of this sofa with the accent pillows and large dark wooden coffee table

I really enjoy this room as a whole with the exception of the oriental rug and oval shaped coffee table
I really enjoy the overall look and feel of this room, too. Especially the drapes & shades combo
Of course, this room drew me in immediately with all of the green accents :)

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