Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was a great success! Kenny & I had his family & my Mom to our house this year. I had a few days off from work so Mom came down and helped cook. It was so nice to have a few days to spend with her, hanging out and all.

Although cleaning is a pain, having everyone for Thanksgiving gave me the perfect excuse to get it done without being able to come up with another excuse not to. Then, I got to decorate the house/table to get it ready for company! I enjoyed planning it so much, even though there wasn't much to plan, that I know that is my calling. I'll get there one day, when I'm able to quit the job I have and start my own. But back to Thanksgiving - it was great for our families to be able to come together. There aren't many couples who are lucky enough to have their respective families get along so well!

Unfortunately there are no pictures from the holiday :(

Kenny & I have a lot to be thankful for this season, even though we don't always focus on the positive:
Great loving families
Our new rental house, despite the leaks and all - it is more space!
The prospect of him entering medical or pharmacy school (it's better than those who don't attempt because they know they don't stand a chance)
My job "promotion" that came at the perfect time after we were married
And the list could go on!

The semester is OVER - another item to go on my list of thanks. Only 10 more days left of work before a two week break. Kenny & I are leaving for Disney in TWO WEEKS from today, wahoo!! Probably not doing much of the tourist thing (i.e. going to all the parks and such), but just relaxing! It will be very nice to get out of Carrollton.

I will leave you with this picture:
Kenny always has fun at home with Moose before going to work & on his days off :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh the Possibilities!

Kenny is in the middle of his application process to Doctor of Osteopathy School & Pharmacy School. We are praying, crossing our fingers, hoping, and doing anything that will get him to where he wants. I want this just as badly as he does only because I know he has always dreamed of being a doctor and he would feel this would be his biggest accomplishment if he were to succeed. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this stressful time!

We are anxious to know where we will be this time next year: oh the possibilities are endless and exciting!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Fun

Halloween 2009 was a success! We have been scheming our plans for months as this was the first where we could truly decorate and hand out candy. While carving pumpkins has always been a tradition of Kenny's, and now our tradition, decorating has now become another tradition. I feel that Halloween will always be a production in our household.

This year Kenny bought a fog machine. We have an uncovered courtyard off our front porch -- with a tarp to cover it, it made the perfect spot to pour out the fog and hold it in. The fog was so thick most of the night that you couldn't see through it! In addition to the fog, we had the theme music from the Halloween movies playing, pumpkins stabbed with machetes & hatches, carved pumpkins, and non-carved pumpkins. The turning point for our ideas were Kenny's & Tyler's masks. Tyler was dressed as Michael Myers & Kenny as Jason. Needless to say a few kids left crying -- and oddly & funny enough adults did too! I just dressed as a witch, as I usually do. We even had a kid ask if our house was haunted and if I was a real witch -- gotta love it!

Can't wait for next year's ideas!

Tyler's pumpkin

Kenny's pumpkin

Katie's pumpkin

The "murdered" pumpkins

Michael Myers emerging through the fog

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Most Haunted City in the U.S.

I got to spend a long weekend in Savannah, GA with my Mom, her two sisters-Sandy & Judy, and my cousin Denise. What a great girls weekend! We had so much fun just cutting up, seeing the sights, and eating! Here are some highlights from the trip:

Friday night when we arrived we had dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady & Son's. It was amazing southern cuisine with all the fixins!

This was a house I just loved because of the ivy. So many around Savannah have this charm about them.

All of us taking a break from the shopping on River Street

Robert Redford was in Savannah!! He was directing a film set in the 1800's of D.C. We barely missed him getting out of trailer. So, in hopes that he might leave his trailer again we stood in the wind for over an hour! :) No such luck.

This is where we ate dinner on Saturday night-The Pirate House. The food was delicious! And, it's haunted. This is a picture from when we stopped back by during our Haunted Ghost Tour after dinner that night. See all 6 orbs in the picture?

Sunday before we headed back we drove to Tybee Island. These are some pictures of the beautiful ocean there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Cook

David Cook might be my favorite solo singer now. True, I don't know him but I get the sense that he is such a humble person who is so appreciative of the success he's been given, not to mention that he can SING!!! He sounds just the same, if not better, in person than he does on his first self titled album.

Kenny & I had the chance to see him in concert at a small venue: The Reaves Arena at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA this past Sunday afternoon. If you enjoy rock music and have then chance then I highly suggest you go see David Cook in concert; you won't be sorry!!

I had been dying to go to another fair since Kenny & I went to the 2006 Alabama National Fair in Montgomery. When I heard David Cook was going to be headlining the closing day of the GA Nat'l fair it sealed the deal for me. We bought tickets without thinking twice.

I can't wait to have another opportunity to see him in concert again.

Here's just a few of the pictures I took:

While we were there, these are some other sights we took in:

This coming weekend: I'm headed to Savannah on Friday with my Mom, aunts, & cousin Denise. Can't wait!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Time for a Change

With the cold weather approaching, I feel it's time to leave my beachy 'do behind. I love the hair color & highlighting that Tammy Baker of City Salon in Peachtree City gave me for my wedding/summer! She did a fantastic job and always does exactly what I ask with cut or color. But, the Fall weather has fallen upon us and it's time for a change. I'm a little apprehensive about going back to my "natural" color, although I'm not quite sure what that is :) Help me decide!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Adventure

This weekend Kenny & I were able to get out of Carrollton and enjoy something besides the local Wal-Mart for a chance. We headed up to Cumming, GA with a couple of friends and stayed at Tyler's parents' house for the weekend. Saturday we spent the day in Helen, GA during their Oktoberfest celebration. While we didn't partake of that, we did enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, playing putt-putt and walking around to take in the people and scenery. Later on Saturday on our way back to Cumming, we stopped at Uncle Shuck's in Dawsonville. They had a pumpkin farm and corn maze. The girls didn't quite make it through both mazes but the guys conquered them both. It was a weekend full of fun-we're pooped! But, definitely well worth it!

The scenery around the putt-putt course
Central Helen, Ga

The muddy corn maze!

Mine & Kenny's pumpkins for this year's carvings!
Bye Uncle Shuck's!

Next weekend Kenny & I are headed to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA for the David Cook concert so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday Kenny's family had to say goodbye to their boxer, Courage. Although Courage is one of 3 boxers Kenny & his brothers have grown up with, 2 of which I've known, I can tell Courage has a very special place in all of their hearts that the other boxers, Samson & Cinnamon, haven't touched. Courage, to me, was the reason Kenny & I decided to get our boxer, Moose. We miss you Courage!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I LOVE Fall! The weather, the colors, the holidays - everything! The weather lately has got me in a good mood; I feel like nothing can get me down - I hope this lasts! I think October is one of my favorite months. This October I'm looking forward to:

  • A day in Peachtree City
  • Auburn vs. Tennessee football
  • Day at a pumpkin farm near Dawsonville
  • The Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA & maybe the David Cook concert there!
  • Fall Break (unfortunately thanks to furlough days)
  • A long weekend in Savannah with my mom, aunts, and cousin
  • Halloween
I'll leave you with some pictures of past falls so enjoy!

Camping near the GA/AL line on Lake West Point

Haunted House pumpkin winner of "Most Creative" in the 2008 Financial Aid Pumpkin Carving contest

Trick or Treating with Maddux & Olivia, Halloween 2008

Camping October 2008 out on the property

Mine & Kenny's 1st pumpkin - 2006

Monday, September 21, 2009


So, this weekend was great! Still no trip to Stone Mountain, but Sunday turned out better without us making that trip!

On Friday Kenny, Tyler, & I went to the Bowdon Golf Course's driving range. I had always said that I wasn't the best golfer, I guess because I had never really tried. Soon, my story about my sister playing in golf tournaments around TN and that my Dad played golf alot went from my believing I didn't inherit that gene, to maybe I did. Now, I'm not saying I'm Tiger Woods or that I'll get a hole in one every time. But, I did surprise myself and Kenny with how I hit with his Big Bertha. And, Saturday we spent an evening in Douglasville for dinner.

Sunday, we got an itch for doing a home project. I'd been dying to get this particular comforter set since I saw it on Belk's website. Well, on Saturday it was on sale and I had an in-store coupon. I bought it, but it didn't match the color of our room. So, Sunday we went and bought paint and changed our drab blue & brown room into a warm and cozy one. There's still things to fix and decorations to add, but I think it's coming along beautifully!

Before with our blue walls and blue & brown comforter

After with our new comforter and warm "Earthy Ochre" walls!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Weekend!

I can't believe tomorrow Kenny & I will have been married for 2 WHOLE MONTHS already! I didn't think our day would ever get here and now the time since has flown by. Well, since tomorrow is the 18th (and our anniversary) I decided to take the day off with Kenny. No real plans except just relaxing and enjoying an entire day with each other's company, which is rare these days. It seems like whenever I have days off (the weekend), Kenny is scheduled to work all or part of the day. There was talk of picking up a delicious wing & fries dinner and ordering a free OnDemand movie, compliments of Charter so we can have a date night in :)

Hmm, maybe I can also talk him into going to Stone Mountain...I have been wanting to go!

Happy (my) Friday to all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

Seems like I've always got ideas running through my head of what I want to be "when I grow up." I always enjoyed art throughout my high school years, not that I don't enjoy it anymore. So, that's what I decided I wanted to be was a graphic designer. Soon after I began working toward that degree I realized having to do it for work was taking the fun out of it. I perused in human development and family studies for a semester, then realized if I was going to have kids of my own one day I wasn't so sure that spending my days with kids was the best idea. So, I ended up in hotel and restaurant management. Although by the end I was realizing while I enjoyed my classes I didn't want to spend my weekends and holidays away from a family I hope to have eventually. Why do I mention all this you ask? Is because after "soul searching" in college I still don't know where my soul lies. So, I give you a list of careers that still interest me:

1) Interior Decorating
2) Architecture
3) Elementary/Middle School Teacher
4) College Career Counselor
5) Wedding consultant
6) Graphic Design
7) College Professor
8) Non-Profit Organization Event Planning
9) Event Planning
10) Travel Journalism
11) Nurse
...and the list goes on

So, what will I be when I "grow up"? Only time will tell...
Well, I thought I would give this blogging a try even though I'm not sure exactly what I'll blog about or if I'll even keep it up.

So, stay tuned.