Sunday, April 18, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star...

Looking at pictures of our soon to be home, the designer in me can't help but planning out where things will be going, how I'm going to decorate, and wishing for new items to make our place more cozy.

While I know furniture is out of the question at this point, I can't help but wish for a nice sectional to provide more seating in the living room. I'd like something in a neutral beige with exposed modern dark square legs. With a sofa being an expensive purchase getting it in a neutral color provides a canvas to update it with new pillows, etc. to provide a new spin to it on occasion and keep it for a long while.

Another furniture item I'd like is a tall bistro/cafe' table for two to go in our breakfast nook that just isn't quite big enough for our breakast/dining table. That breakfast/dining table could use some sanding a fresh coat of paint to make the perfect backdrop in our dining room.

And, we could use a nice dresser for our bedroom because our closet space will be lacking in the new home. But, that will definitely have to hold off for a few years until we're able to buy an entire bedroom suit so that it all matches :)

For now, I'm wishing for drapes and rods for the rooms. Right now I have some worn down green tab drapes from college and black out brown drapes that don't have much shape. Those two pairs of drapes could use some updating from the Better Homes and Gardens Collection at WalMart. If you haven't seen that collection at WalMart, don't knock it until you look because it has some really cute stuff! Better Homes and Gardens also has great oversized wall clocks that I'd love to get to hang in our living room since it has such great vaulted ceilings!

Maybe once I get down to Savannah I'll splurge on getting drapes and rods for the rooms since I have a feeling we'll be staying in this house for our entire time in Savannah unless something drastic happens. I've been wanting drapes for all our rooms here in Carrollton and just haven't ever gotten around to buying them. I might throw in some bath mats and a shower curtain for the master to match the new comforter set we got several months back :)

SCAD Interior Design major here I come! If I get the job at SCAD next week I'm hoping to be able to start taking classes toward that degree because, as you can tell, my mind always wanders to decorating and design.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What the Future Looks Like

I interviewed yesterday at Savannah College of Art and Design for a Financial Aid Specialist position. Everything went great! I got a call back this afternoon letting me know that I was selected for the next interview. I will return next Thursday for my interview Friday morning. While I was there yesterday I was able to stop by the house Kenny and I will be moving into and take some pictures. I'll post more once we're moved in, settled, and it's all decorated!
The front
The living room and fireplace-backyard through rightside door
The great fenced in, shaded backyard with a patio for Moose!
Another view of the living room-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms through that door

The kitchen! Sad but true-this one has a lot more counterspace than we're used to :) Dining room in the background

The kitchen nook-living room to the left, garage to the right

Monday, April 12, 2010

Living in Boxes

Well, the move is upon us.

The horrendous hole in our bathroom floor was fixed last Monday (see previous post for pictures). We bought and put up rental signs on Tuesday. Thursday our Carrollton house was rented! Hallelujah! So, we are officially out of our Carrollton house in less than 3 weeks!

So, Kenny's into Pharmacy School. We found a fantastic rental house in Savannah. We got our current house rented so we won't be making two rental payments. Now, it's all up to me to find a job. And, with that said I have a job interview in TWO days!

I pray that the next step works out just as the others have and I get this job!

In the meantime, we're living in boxes. Kenny has already begun packing and taking down all the pictures off the walls-our house is becoming barren. And, once we get to Savannah we'll be living in boxes until everything has a place. I hope that this next house will be our home for our remaining time in Savannah so WE'LL have a place and not just a place for our stuff. Well, let me say this: I hope that house is our home while Kenny is in Pharmacy School. Because, if we do end up residing in Savannah at that point I think we'll be ready for some place new.