Monday, January 16, 2012

52 Week Home Organization Challenge - Week 2

52 Weeks To An Organized Home: Join The Weekly Challenges
This week our challenge was to organize our kitchen cabinets and drawers. Every single cabinet of mine had random some thrown into it and really no set purpose for each, but my drawers are in fairly good, organized condition. So, I set out this afternoon to reorganize my kitchen cabinets and am thrilled with the results!

Before: a mix of glasses, measuring cups and casserole dishes, etc.

After: all of our drinking glasses - everyday, plastic, for work, and wine!

Before: a mix of plastic cups, everyday china, some cutting boards & salad bowl

After: a place for all of our tupperware!

Before: everyday dishes & a dutch oven

After: everyday dishes & china

Before: baking supplies and a random assortment of cooking utensils

After: all random cooking utensils

Before: champagne glasses, random cooking utensils & the dogs meds & cleaning supplies

After: everyday china

Before: tupperware & spices

After: spices & baking supplies

Before: casserole dishes, crockpot (somewhat hidden), our Forman cooker & 1 random large tupperware bowl

After: casserole dishes only!

Before: under the sink cleaning supplies

After: cleaning supplies & dog supplies

Before: china, measuring/mixing bowls, double boiler, wine glasses & pot lids

After: measuring & mixing bowls, crockpot & Forman cooker

Before: pots & pans

After: pots, pans, their lids, double boiler & dutch oven

If you've also chosen to participate, good luck with your challenge!
Next week - organizing the kitchen pantry & food storage :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

52 Week Home Organization Challenge - Week 1

As one of my New Years resolutions I'm taking part in the 52 weeks to an organized home challenge. (See link at the bottom of this post to join). I always feel so much better after I've gone through, cleaned out, and organized things, but I just never take the time to do it unless the mood strikes me, which is rare!

This first week was Kitchen Organization: Countertops and Sinks. Kenny & I have small kitchen so this one was very easily accomplished while cooking a very quick 15 minute meal. I forgot to take before pictures this time, but for the following weeks I will so you can see the difference.

Even in just a small space I felt so much better after I was done.

Here are the after pictures:

This space had a large coffee pot that was only used if my Mom was in town so it went into a cabinet to rest until her next visit. The entire countertop was line with things before.

This area didn't undergo a huge transformation really. I just moved two things of Christmas candy into the pantry. But, this area does usually end up our "drop station" after we walk into the door so the real test will be not to use it for that anymore!

This area didn't undergo a huge transformation either, but there were two more canisters that hold the flour and sugar and I moved those into the cabinet with the baking supplies because they're rarely used.

Take on the challenge because it will be very rewarding!

52 Weeks To An Organized Home: Join The Weekly Challenges