Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was a great success! Kenny & I had his family & my Mom to our house this year. I had a few days off from work so Mom came down and helped cook. It was so nice to have a few days to spend with her, hanging out and all.

Although cleaning is a pain, having everyone for Thanksgiving gave me the perfect excuse to get it done without being able to come up with another excuse not to. Then, I got to decorate the house/table to get it ready for company! I enjoyed planning it so much, even though there wasn't much to plan, that I know that is my calling. I'll get there one day, when I'm able to quit the job I have and start my own. But back to Thanksgiving - it was great for our families to be able to come together. There aren't many couples who are lucky enough to have their respective families get along so well!

Unfortunately there are no pictures from the holiday :(

Kenny & I have a lot to be thankful for this season, even though we don't always focus on the positive:
Great loving families
Our new rental house, despite the leaks and all - it is more space!
The prospect of him entering medical or pharmacy school (it's better than those who don't attempt because they know they don't stand a chance)
My job "promotion" that came at the perfect time after we were married
And the list could go on!

The semester is OVER - another item to go on my list of thanks. Only 10 more days left of work before a two week break. Kenny & I are leaving for Disney in TWO WEEKS from today, wahoo!! Probably not doing much of the tourist thing (i.e. going to all the parks and such), but just relaxing! It will be very nice to get out of Carrollton.

I will leave you with this picture:
Kenny always has fun at home with Moose before going to work & on his days off :)