Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

I thought I would update everyone on what's been going on and why I haven't been keeping up with my personal blog and why I probably won't have a lot of time to.

Most of you know that as a part time job I work for a local Savannah wedding planner who is the owner of Anne Hagin Events. I assist her in coordinating the rehearsals and the day of all of the weddings that she books. We just worked a HUGE wedding this past weekend and have two more this month. Also, right now she has 8 weddings booked in 2012! I also manage all of her social media accounts (Facebook & her blog The Sophisticated Bride). I will soon be starting a Twitter account for her, as well. Then, when necessary I update the website with new information, if possible.

Recently she has had people contacting her on how great her Facebook, website, and blog look, which makes me feel great because I am honestly learning as I go since I haven't ever managed anyone's social media before. So, through the work for Anne I have begun doing the social media for Catering by Trish (Trish McLeod) and the assocation of Savannah Wedding Professionals. This is the one I am most proud of because it is an association to which people are voted into & pay dues to be a member of so it is somewhat of an elite group of local wedding vendors and their president came to me to request that I do their social media work. After tonight's SWP meeting, I've also had requests from one or two other vendors to possibly start doing the same type of work for them, too! (Ok, so maybe I'm bragging a bit, but I'm just surprised that people are coming to me for this type of work)

All this in addition to working full time at SCAD and being a graduate student. So, all this to say I'm becoming a lot busier down here in Savannah than I have been and finally feel in my element. Before starting to Auburn I was involved in lots of activities and clubs, which slowly dwindled down to not being involved in anything. I'm realizing again how much I thrive on having to balance and juggle a lot of different things because I feel I manage my time better. Although, I have to say, dinner isn't getting cooked as regularly as it used to and housework is falling to the side.

Until next time!