Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leavin' my roots

So, I think I've made the decision to say buh-bye to my brunette roots and become a "blonde" again. Not too blonde, though; just a golden/honey blonde. Here's a pic of me with that my hair that color from about 3 years ago and I'm diggin' that look and may return to it...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Work

I thought I'd share the work I've been doing with Anne Hagin Events, a wedding planning/consulting company here in Savannah. I've been working with Anne as her Lead Assistant since last November, so about 10 months. Since then, she's launched the website and we've had 3 weddings. We've launched the Facebook page. I've enjoyed working on it a lot by making a couple of posts a week! Coming up I'll be starting a blog for the company and we have 7 weddings on the books between now & next June. Check out the pages & help to spread the word because we'd love to have more!

Here are pictures of the posts I've made to the Facebook page the past several weeks:

I also posted style boards I created prior to working with Anne, which I've posted on my blog before for ya'll here and here :)

And, here's a sneak peek of a couple of style boards I'll be posting to Anne Hagin Events in the next two week or so!

Until next time!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday + 6 days!


My blog is officially 2 years old + 6 days. I didn't think I'd keep it up, but I have. Even if it has been on an inconsistent basis, at least I'm still posting occasionally!

It's been a good day - wonderful weather, Auburn football, homework, and about to go out to eat with the hubs & to the mall to do some shopping!

Hopefully we'll have some of the same tomorrow - Uncle Bubba's is hosting a free low country boil dinner for those who hold a Loyalty Card. Well, guess who holds a Loyalty Card? WE DO!! So, we'll definitely be heading across the street for some good ole low country food!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Has it really been that long?

I cannot believe that I haven't posted in over 5 months! Let's recap what has been going on with some pictures:
April -
Visited PTC for Easter

And, attended South University's Spring Banquet

My birthday & Kenny had a break before his pharmacy summer rotations started, so he visited PTC some.

Day trip to HHI
Disney with family! (Mom was there, but wouldn't get in the picture!)

Kenny worked a rotation at Chatham CARES, the Chatham County Aids Clinic and enjoyed being out of school!

3rd Annual Manland Boomfest BBQ for the 4th of July. We had 70+ people attend this year!

Anne-Marie & Russell spent their summer family vacay on Tybee so we got to have a MUCH overdue visit!

We semi-celebrated 2 years of marriage (I say semi because the real celebration was just last week)
And, Kenny worked at his 2nd summer rotation with Walgreens.

Kenny's birthday
Kenny's summer break began before classes on Sept. 12
Visit to PTC & a party for our friend Ty to celebrate his first teaching job!
I had my wisdom teeth pulled so Mom came for a visit!


Then, back to work & classes for Kenny & me :(