Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dark, Dark, and more Dark

In finding picture of details and things I love for houses I'm coming across a trend:

I like dark wood furniture
I like dark oil rubbed bronze fixtures
I like dark wood floors
I like dark cabinets
I like warm, earthy tones & colors (which can tend to be dark)

I need to find a balance somewhere.

I do like more neutral, lighter (but not pale, blah, boring) paint colors
I do like white/cream moldings and wainscoting (beadboard)

Is that enough balance? And, why am I even worrying? It's not like we're even thinking about building a house. Of course we've discussed it and both want to. But, let's face it folks, right now I'm only dreaming of what I want my house to look like.

A girl can dream, right? And, dreams do change...

Stay tuned for a later post (maybe tomorrow) about the little details I love in homes!

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