Monday, September 21, 2009


So, this weekend was great! Still no trip to Stone Mountain, but Sunday turned out better without us making that trip!

On Friday Kenny, Tyler, & I went to the Bowdon Golf Course's driving range. I had always said that I wasn't the best golfer, I guess because I had never really tried. Soon, my story about my sister playing in golf tournaments around TN and that my Dad played golf alot went from my believing I didn't inherit that gene, to maybe I did. Now, I'm not saying I'm Tiger Woods or that I'll get a hole in one every time. But, I did surprise myself and Kenny with how I hit with his Big Bertha. And, Saturday we spent an evening in Douglasville for dinner.

Sunday, we got an itch for doing a home project. I'd been dying to get this particular comforter set since I saw it on Belk's website. Well, on Saturday it was on sale and I had an in-store coupon. I bought it, but it didn't match the color of our room. So, Sunday we went and bought paint and changed our drab blue & brown room into a warm and cozy one. There's still things to fix and decorations to add, but I think it's coming along beautifully!

Before with our blue walls and blue & brown comforter

After with our new comforter and warm "Earthy Ochre" walls!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Weekend!

I can't believe tomorrow Kenny & I will have been married for 2 WHOLE MONTHS already! I didn't think our day would ever get here and now the time since has flown by. Well, since tomorrow is the 18th (and our anniversary) I decided to take the day off with Kenny. No real plans except just relaxing and enjoying an entire day with each other's company, which is rare these days. It seems like whenever I have days off (the weekend), Kenny is scheduled to work all or part of the day. There was talk of picking up a delicious wing & fries dinner and ordering a free OnDemand movie, compliments of Charter so we can have a date night in :)

Hmm, maybe I can also talk him into going to Stone Mountain...I have been wanting to go!

Happy (my) Friday to all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

Seems like I've always got ideas running through my head of what I want to be "when I grow up." I always enjoyed art throughout my high school years, not that I don't enjoy it anymore. So, that's what I decided I wanted to be was a graphic designer. Soon after I began working toward that degree I realized having to do it for work was taking the fun out of it. I perused in human development and family studies for a semester, then realized if I was going to have kids of my own one day I wasn't so sure that spending my days with kids was the best idea. So, I ended up in hotel and restaurant management. Although by the end I was realizing while I enjoyed my classes I didn't want to spend my weekends and holidays away from a family I hope to have eventually. Why do I mention all this you ask? Is because after "soul searching" in college I still don't know where my soul lies. So, I give you a list of careers that still interest me:

1) Interior Decorating
2) Architecture
3) Elementary/Middle School Teacher
4) College Career Counselor
5) Wedding consultant
6) Graphic Design
7) College Professor
8) Non-Profit Organization Event Planning
9) Event Planning
10) Travel Journalism
11) Nurse
...and the list goes on

So, what will I be when I "grow up"? Only time will tell...
Well, I thought I would give this blogging a try even though I'm not sure exactly what I'll blog about or if I'll even keep it up.

So, stay tuned.