Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Weekend!

I can't believe tomorrow Kenny & I will have been married for 2 WHOLE MONTHS already! I didn't think our day would ever get here and now the time since has flown by. Well, since tomorrow is the 18th (and our anniversary) I decided to take the day off with Kenny. No real plans except just relaxing and enjoying an entire day with each other's company, which is rare these days. It seems like whenever I have days off (the weekend), Kenny is scheduled to work all or part of the day. There was talk of picking up a delicious wing & fries dinner and ordering a free OnDemand movie, compliments of Charter so we can have a date night in :)

Hmm, maybe I can also talk him into going to Stone Mountain...I have been wanting to go!

Happy (my) Friday to all!

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