Friday, July 23, 2010

Finishing Touches

Well, the weekend of the long awaited "surprise" birthday trip for Mom is quickly approaching. One week from today my Mom, aunts, and cousin will be arriving at my house for lunch before we drive over to Hilton Head Island. I am getting so excited just thinking about getting to see all of them after so long!! Not to mention, I'm excited about having a girls weekend. Finishing touches are going on the to do list for next Friday's lunch menu, which requires a cleaning to do list for company, and a decorating to do list so the house is presentable.

The lunch menu:
Fruit with "homemade" dip
Cheesy Onion Dip with homemade Pita Crisps
Chicken Salad Paninis on Foccacia Bread
Lemonade Tea

The cleaning list:
The entire house (aka: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, bathrooms, windows, and the list goes on)

**By this list you can deduct that my attempt to make a weekly cleaning schedule didn't last (or even begin for that matter).

Let me preface this next list by saying, I know my house is already presentable, but there have been a few things I've been needing/wanting to get finished around the house and having my family to my house for lunch made the perfect excuse to accomplish those :)

The decorating list:
Placemats & tablecloth-check
Organizing the office-check
Hang pictures in office-partially check
Print and hang wedding pictures in Master
Empty boxes in Master
Hang pictures in Guest room
Hang cabinet in Master bath
Organize misc. bathroom items

Which brings me to my next point- since additional changes have been made to our "new" house stay tuned for more pictures once everything is, finally, officially complete!
Pictures of:
New master bedroom rug & lamps (& hopefully pictures and an organized dresser)
New master bathroom cabinet
New hallway rug
Dining room with new placemats & tablecloth
Organized & decorated office (w/ an ELLIPTICAL, woohoo!!)
New guest bedroom pictures

I've already been lucky enough to be given or buy lots of things I wanted for our home. But, knowing me, of course I'm always thinking of more things I'd like to get to finish the house. But, these are only in my ideal house where I can go buy whatever I want/need:
Reddish living room curtains
New/different office curtains
Dining room area rug
Area rug for guest bedroom
Wall hanging/picture for above the bed in the master
New guest bathroom mat

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