Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tidings Event Studio

I may not have a my business off the ground yet, but I have a name, slogan, and description when it happens!

Name: Tidings Event Studio
Slogan: We will bring tidings of love, laughter, friendship, and family to any event!
Description (or something like this): We're here to help with consultation to execution and anywhere in between, from intimate gatherings to birthday parties, family reunions, or an extravagent wedding and more!

But, suggestions are welcome!

Before I completely get this going (which, may be a while down the road), I'll still need to get together idea for the logo/graphic design, "products" offered, and prices.

I've been entertaining the idea of opening my own wedding consulting group for quite some time now. I enjoyed planning my own wedding so much that I find myself wanting to continuously plan things! Case and point: My aunt, Sandy, and I are planning my Mom's surprise 60th birthday trip for the end of July. Mom does not know where we are going, but the rest of the group going does. Sandy & I are really getting into it and I'm loving getting it all together! Our next project is going to be planning a family reunion for, hopefully, next summer for all the Dabbs (my Mom's family) clan. I'm also trying to get a girls weekend trip together for my girlfriends late summer/fall. If it works out, I'm hoping to put together plans of what we'll do that weekend.

If I started getting this project/business venture going, maybe I'll become busier and help with my problem in the previous blog :)

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