Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving forward

It is with great pride and support that I am able to let everyone know that Kenny & I know where the next phase of our life is taking us and are beginning to see our path laid out before us...


Kenny found out today, a mere 5 days after interviewing, that's been offered a spot in their class to begin in June. South University offers a fast paced, accelerated, 3 year pharmacy school program. Most schools programs are 4 years long. At the end of these 3 years he will be a Doctor of Pharmacy. A dream he has had longer than I've known him. I couldn't be prouder. Not proud only because he's achieving his goal, but for the odds he's overcome.

Kenny applied last year to M.D. & D.O. schools to begin this past August, but it did not work out as he'd hoped. While he was discouraged, I encouraged him to press forward and not give up and keep an open mind. It's funny how God doesn't open the doors we hope for because He has another door for us to talk through. Kenny began the application process for D.O. and Pharmacy schools again this year hoping to achieve his dream. South University is a small private pharmacy school whose receives 100's - 1000's of applications each year and accepts around 80 students total for each new entering class, which is around 15%. My husband was one of those few. That is why I am proud - he overcame discouragement and hardship to be accepted into a fanastically difficult school. God has a plan in store for Kenny and so we now can see the path that was planned for us.

Savannah here we come!! WOOHOO!!

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