Sunday, February 7, 2010

YaYa Sisterhood

Ever wonder who your true ya-ya sisters are? Like the movie- those girls who are your friends through thick and thin, those girls who act the same toward you whether you see them every day or every 5 years, those girls who don't care if you call or not.

It seems like since I've graduate college those answers are becoming clearer. It's hard entering the real world and finding the time or energy to pick up the phone to gossip and catch up with old, or new, friends. When my feet hit the floor at home after a long day at work I just want to relax and would prefer to not be on the phone at night after being on it all day at work. But, that doesn't mean I don't think of calling or wonder how my friends are.

Not only do I have the non-energy to call, but I don't have the physical capabilities of visiting or attending every get together due to distance or transportation. These barriers don't diminish my interest or bond I have with certain friends. However, the barriers seem to affect the others within the scenario and push them away. It seems as if my assumed ya-ya's aren't who I thought.

I'm realizing more and more who I can count on and who I relate to more. But, those girls aren't within a close proximity to call up and see about grabbing coffee. Living away from my hometown doesn't make it easy. But, those I would call aren't necessarily living back at my hometown, or are from my hometown for that matter. Thank goodness I have my best friend & husband under the same roof, but sometimes a girl just needs some girl time!

Hopefully this upcoming move and transition will open some doors to girlfriends I can call up to grab that cup of joe with. Then, I hope too that I'm able to plan a couple of girly beach getaway weekends for some out-of-Savannah ya-ya's since I will be conveniently located near the beach!

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