Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The week ahead

Who knew that this past October when I visited Savannah for the "first" time that Kenny & I could be potentially moving there? (I say first because apparently I'd been there before according to Mom)

We're hoping that come June we'll be moving to Savannah! Kenny has his first (yes, first of two) interview for pharmacy school on Friday. This interview is for South University in Savannah. The week (or shall I say weekend) ahead is full!:

THURSDAY: We will leave Carrollton immediately after work and make the drive to Savannah. FRIDAY: We will spend time after his interview scoping out the Savannah area and drive back home to Carrollton that night
SATURDAY: We'll wake up bright and early and drive to Atlanta for Kenny to take the PCAT for pharmacy school. Immediately once the test is over, we'll head up to Cleveland, TN for one my best friend's weddings Saturday night. We'll have a little bit of time to visit Saturday night and Sunday with Mom before heading back home to Carrollton.
SUNDAY: Drive (again) back to Carrollton

WHEW! I get tired just thinking about it :) But, if all this traveling this weekend (to Savannah especially) brings Kenny his dream of working in the medical field, then it's all worth it!

Kenny also has another interview schedule in February with Wingate University in Wingate, NC if he hasn't yet heard back from South!

We're crossing our fingers and praying hard!

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