Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Project #1: Earring Holder

Some friends/co-workers and I decided that we are going to have a monthly Pinterest Craft Party. We pin all of these great ideas that we would love to do/have, but don't do anything with them. Hopefully this will keep us motivated to keep making pinterest projects. We had our first monthly party last night and I made an earring holder. 

Unfinished photo frame - size is up to you depending on your needs (mine had a wooden back that I just removed)
Wire Mesh
Ribbon or frame hanger
Acrylic Paint - optional
Paintbrushes - optional

1. Paint the unfinished photo to the desired color
2. Cut the wire mesh down to size
3. Inlay the wire mesh (not directly onto the back of the frame, but down on the lip of where the frame back would have layed)
4. Using a regular stapler, staple the wire mesh in various places. I stapled mine in each corner, middle, and 2 other places on each side. (My unfinished frame had the metal frame back holders that I just also pushed down over the wire mesh to help hold it into place)
5. Hammer the frame hanger on to the frame from where you are going to hang it. (If you choose to hang it with ribbon you could also attach this at this point)
6. Hang on the wall and begin hanging your earrings!

My finished project:

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