Saturday, February 25, 2012

52 Week Home Organization Challenge Update

As you may have noticed I haven't been doing (or posting) the 52 week home organization challenge. The reason is the challenges that have come up are ones I didn't find necessary for me. I skipped:
Week 3: Organize your pantry, spices & food storage because I feel mine is already up to my standards
Week 4: Organize refrigerator & freezer. I don't have enough food in them to even organize :(
Week 6: Create a home recycling center. I don't have the space or a recycling service
Week 7: Organize coupons. I don't use coupons.
Week 8: Healthy Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping. While I wouldn't say my process is healthy, I already have a process in place, which is: 

  • Make a list of recipes I want to cook BEFORE I go grocery shopping so that I make sure to buy the ingredients. 
  • When I get back from grocery shopping I make a list of every single meal I can make with the ingredients I've bought. 
  • Then, each Sunday I make a menu for the upcoming week so that I know if/when anything needs to be thawed out and what we're eating each day.
This brings us up to date because a new challenge will be emailed on Monday, the 27th. I did, however, skip Week 5's challenge of Organize Recipes and Cookbooks, which I may battle this weekend because it is something I've needed to do. I haven't been motivated, though, because the following weeks I haven't needed to do so Week 5 has fallen to the side.

Here's a sneak peek into the upcoming year's challenges & whether you can expect a post from me:
Week 9: Addresses/Contact Information - No
Week 10: Mail - No
Week 11: Bill paying - No
Week 12: Receipts/Tax Documents - No
Week 13: Filing System - Possibly
Week 14: Magazines and Newspapers - No
Week 15: Email and internet passwords, manuals, and warranties - Possibly (I already have a list of all my computer passwords)
Week 16: Home Office - Possibly
Week 17: Cleaning Supplies - Possibly
Week 18: Bathroom - I already did this last week, actually & don't have pictures to show. I cleaned out underneath the master bathroom cabinet & organized as I put everything back in
Week 19: Medicine Cabinet - No
Week 20: Entryway/Mud Room - N/A
Week 21: Living/Family Room - No
Week 22: Dining and/or Breakfast Room - N/A
Week 23: Laundry Room - Possibly
Week 24: Laundry Baskets/Hampers - No
Week 25: Purses/Briefcases - No
Week 26: Books - Probably
Week 27: CDs and DVDs - No
Week 28: Photos - No
Week 29: Crafts - N/A
Week 30: Vehicles - Possibly
Week 31: Pets - Possibly
Week 32: Yard - Possibly
Week 33: Basement - N/A
Week 34: Attic - N/A
Week 25: Garage - Yes
Week 26: Homework area/launching pad - N/A
Week 37: Linen Closet - Yes
Week 38: Master Bedroom Closet - Yes
Week 39: Seasonal clothing switch -  Yes
Week 40: Master Bedroom - Possibly
Week 41: Jewelry/accessories - I actually am already in the process of this now using Pinterest (which I'll post later). I made an earring holder last night and plan to do the same for my necklaces & bracelets
Week 42: Shoes - Yes
Week 43: Makeup/cosmetics - I already did this last weekend while I was cleaning out the bathroom and got rid of a ton of makeup and cosmetics that I hadn't used in years!
Week 44: Organizing kids closet space - N/A
Week 45: Kids Bedroom(s) - N/A
Week 46: Toys & Games - N/A
Week 47: Create personal home inventory - possibly
Week 48: Storage for china, glassware, & crystal - N/A
Week 49: Storing silvery properly - N/A
Week 50: Christmas decoration storage & organization - Yes!
Week 51: Organize wrapping paper & gift bags - Yes!
Week 52: Keep a family calendar - Possibly

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