Sunday, May 9, 2010

Renter's Paradise

Well the decorator in me can't seem to stop scheming and planning for how I would like to eventually decorate our home in Savannah.

I've already gotten a bathroom rug to match our bedroom comforter set and bath towels. I also got a trash can and soap dispenser for the guest bathroom to go with the shower curtain I got in college, which still matches the colors in our house pretty well.

I'm hoping my first purchase will be this shower curtain from WalMart that has all three color in our bedspread.

And these drapes from WalMart which have the brown and green from the shower curtain & comforter set.

I also like this window valance for our breakfast room window, it's a large window with low ceilings so I think panels would be too much, but two valances like this would be perfect, also from WalMart :)

The rest are larger purchases, which I probably won't get anytime soon, but thought I'd include them nonetheless. This accent/area rug would be great under our dining table, which I'm also hoping to sand and paint or stain a dark brown. I'd also like to get the Horizons Gold Window Panels from Target (not pictured).
We've got a patio in the shade now and with the beach weather I have a feeling we're going to be spending a lot of time outside, which is why this patio table from WalMart would be great.
With these green kiwi seat cushions from WalMart:
This bistro table from Target, I believe, would be a great table to put in our breakfast nook to sit down at while the other one is doing the cooking, otherwise there is not a space to sit to see into the kitchen without sitting on the counter :)

While I am being realistic in realizing most of the ideas won't come to fruition because, well let's face it they never have much at the other places we've lived, a girl can't help but dream.

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