Monday, April 12, 2010

Living in Boxes

Well, the move is upon us.

The horrendous hole in our bathroom floor was fixed last Monday (see previous post for pictures). We bought and put up rental signs on Tuesday. Thursday our Carrollton house was rented! Hallelujah! So, we are officially out of our Carrollton house in less than 3 weeks!

So, Kenny's into Pharmacy School. We found a fantastic rental house in Savannah. We got our current house rented so we won't be making two rental payments. Now, it's all up to me to find a job. And, with that said I have a job interview in TWO days!

I pray that the next step works out just as the others have and I get this job!

In the meantime, we're living in boxes. Kenny has already begun packing and taking down all the pictures off the walls-our house is becoming barren. And, once we get to Savannah we'll be living in boxes until everything has a place. I hope that this next house will be our home for our remaining time in Savannah so WE'LL have a place and not just a place for our stuff. Well, let me say this: I hope that house is our home while Kenny is in Pharmacy School. Because, if we do end up residing in Savannah at that point I think we'll be ready for some place new.

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